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Duxel application

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Duxel application

Post by Duxel on 2013-09-01, 06:55

Ingame Character's Name: Duxel
Character's Class:all support classes and titan,PK,warlord,gladiator
Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]: +2GMT
How many hours you can be online:10+
Few words about you: I play l2 since 2006 year.Looking new adventure whit new ppl.Before this server i was playing in l2max 4-5 years.

P.S.This is madness?MADNESS!!!THIS IS SPARTA!!!! :D300vs10 000 Very Happy


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Re: Duxel application

Post by Catalyst on 2013-09-01, 09:55

Hello Mr. Duxel,

This is Sparta indeed. Welcome to Myrmidones


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