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Clan Application!!!

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Clan Application!!!

Post by 7theory on 2013-03-04, 17:34

Ingame Character's Name: ThugLife4Ever
Character's Class: Berzerk
Real Life Name [First only]: Alar
Age: 25
Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]: 0
How many hours you can be online: 6-8h depending on what day
Few words about you: Well i just started this game was playng ConquerOnline2.0 before like 5 years. Decided to change the game cuz too many egyption who bot , hack and get a way with it the gms did not do shit to help we made a video of hackers and they dont do nothing. So i decided to try this game out . mmk what else i like playng soccer watch pro wresling and listen to alot of rap 2pac is my favorite raper . Offcourse party drinking and girls Like who the hell doesnt like that Razz And i also i work my working schedule is 2 weeks of work during that time i wont be able to log in but the other 2 weeks i have off so then i can play. I work as a chef on a ship. Well hopefully ur going to accept my application . If u have any questions just pm me .
All the best Alar Smile

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