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L2Stardust Interlude X20 opening at 13/7

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L2Stardust Interlude X20 opening at 13/7

Post by L2Stardu on 2012-07-13, 12:09

L2 Stardust


13 / 07 / 2012, 00:00 GMT+2

Hi all, after 2 months of hard work and testing it's time for L2 Stardust to start! L2 Stardust is a new server running on one of the best european data center and managed by an experienced team. Some info about our server can be found below, it's not all but the most critical, the rest you have to explore it alone when u join us! Check also what unique features L2 Stardust has to offer to players! What we offer in L2 Stardust is an experienced Team that knows coding in java, knows how to secure a server and knows Lineage2 from player's point of view. We won't say big words, because we have seen many in the world of Lineage 2, but our first concern is to provide you a secure, stable and with no-lag server. Visit www*l2stardust*com for further information!

Server Machine :
- Processors: AMD Athlon II X4 Quad Core (4x 2.30+ GHz)
- Memory(RAM): 24 GB DDR3
- 2x 1500 GB - SATA2 No Raid
- 1 Gbps Bandwidth
- Unlimited Traffic
- Hardware Firewall for DDOS Protection

Server Info :
- L2 Stardust (20x) Server:
- Interlude
- XP: 20x
- SP: 20x
- ADENA: 25x
- Spoil: 20x
- Drop: 20x
- Max Enchant Rate: +16
- Safe Enchant Rate: +4
- Normal Enchant Chance: 66%
- Blessed Enchant Chance: 76%
- Full Geodata/Cell Pathfinding
- No custom items

Server Features :
- Items on Gm Shop (up to B grade,basic mats and recipes)
- Global GK (With 7signs locations also)
- NPC Buffer
-Pet buffer
- No quests for class change and subclass
- Max Subclass=3,Max LvL of Subclass=80
- Balanced Retail Olympiad
- Auto-Learn skills
-Increased Weight Limit (4x)
-Augmentation-System working 100 %
-Extended buff-/dance-/song-slots up to 30
-Heroes every 2 weeks
-Offline shop system


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